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During Sleepless Nights And Other Stories

Anna Margolin

Translated from the Yiddish by Daniel Kennedy

Before finding success as a poet, Anna Margolin (real name: Roza Lebensboym) also experimented with prose. Margolin's poetry is dark, sensual and transgressive and these characteristics can also be found in her stories which-because they were never collected in book form and were published under a variety of pseudonyms-remained relatively unknown even to readers of Yiddish. Gathered here and translated for the first time in English are four of these early stories.

"When my life becomes dismal and sombre, I delve into my past and select sparks of pure joy, of untainted happiness and use them to light up my blackened soul."


Translated from the Yiddish by Daniel Kennedy

88 pp

ISBN: 9791096677122


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