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The Art of Travelling Properly

Plan your itinerary in broad strokes; let the details sort themselves out as the whims of the hour dictate.

The world is the biggest tourist attraction there is—get out there and see it.

There isn’t a man alive with such a comprehensive overview that he can understand and appreciate everything; if you don't understand something, have the courage to say so. Don’t take the minor set-backs of your trip too seriously. If you find yourself stuck in some god-forsaken layover, be happy you’re alive. Take a gander at the geese, and the hard-working goats. Have a little chat with the man in the cigar shop.

Relax. Let go of the controls. Trundle along through the world. It’s all so beautiful: give yourself over to it, and it will give itself over to you.


Translated by Pól Peist

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