Anna Margolin

From a Diary

Translated from the Yiddish by Daniel Kennedy


Anna Margolin (1887–1952), real-name Roza Lebensboym, is best known for her poetry, having broken new ground with her 1929 collection, Lider, but she also wrote fiction, essays and journalism under a string of pseudonyms. At the age of twenty-two she published the following story, using the pseudonym Khave Gross. 

First published in Di Tsukunft in 1909, “From a Diary” is a cryptic and atmospheric account of a love triangle from the point of view of a young intellectual woman. 


Daniel Kennedy is a literary translator based in Tours, France. His forthcoming translations include A Death: Notes of a Suicide by Zalman Shneour (Wakefield Press, 2019) and Warsaw Stories by Hersh Dovid Nomberg (Yiddish Book Center, 2019). 

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